Games We’d Like to Play #1: Space Adventure

I would like to play a game something akin to Mass Effect, but without action. To make a great team of scientists, archaeologists, mathematicians, physicists, paleontologists and so on (like in Michael Crichton’s novels); and to go to undiscovered planets and do research. The gameplay would be about the discovery. Getting samples of unidentified materials (maybe of extinct ancient species), insects, plants, bring it to the ship and research them, just like in StarCraft II – Wings of Liberty. But not to make new weapons and cutting edge laser technology to kill other species. Just to make discoveries to make a better team, with better equipment! After you gain a new and better item, you should go back to previous planets and reach previously unreachable places – such as acid lakes or giant canyons – and make further discoveries. Also, if you have a better cartographer, you should see more detailed maps of the planets. Continue reading


The Art of Michaël Defroyennes

Not long ago, Outcast 1.1 was released on Steam and Although the Kickstarter project to reboot the game failed, it was interesting to see the direction it was going.

Today’s featured artist is Michaël Defroyennes, who did some gorgeous art for Outcast and the cancelled Outcast 2. What I really like about his art is that he doesn’t make fantasy wildly weird and extreme, his imaginary places seem familiar and alien at the same time. I really like his depictions of ruins in exotic, but plausible settings.

Sample art for the cancelled game Totems:

Totems Monkey district

Concept art for Outcast 2:


Art for the game Silhouette:


Rasafrackin sombulato, indeed. Check out more on his blog!