The Art of Octavi Navarro

This artist from Barcelona operates a website called Pixels, Huh. That should tell you everything: he does pixel art. Gorgeous, retrogaming nostalgia while these pictures don’t depict actual games. So it’s original art done in the style of older video games.

So here’s a taste:

“The tip of the iceberg”:







Somehow these remind me of the films of Wes Anderson as well. Their composition is just amazing.

More on his website: Pixels Huh.



The art of Sebastian von Buchwald

Here’s a Spanish artist, Sebastian von Buchwald. I’m not sure if it’s his real name, but anyway, it’s awesome. Even more awesome is his art.

He does some really interesting stuff with video game characters, especially Mario and Luigi. It’s hard to describe it. Most of them look like this:



He has a whole set of raging, fighting Marios. And then, he does something completely different:



And he did an interesting webcomic called Science Fiction Segue, and it features moving gifs:


Versatile,  isn’t it? Check out his website!